After the Wedding: Advice for a Successful Marriage

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Couples spend months - years, even - planning their wedding. They scout out locations. They pick out the colors. They dream about the big day. They also quarrel over the budget. They fret over the guest list. They have nightmares about forgetting something. By helping you plan your wedding and lessening the stress of the experience, my hope is that you'll use that time to focus on your life AFTER the wedding -  on laying the groundwork of a happy, healthy, and successful marriage. You see, I'm not just obsessed with weddings - I'm crazy about marriage. About love. I want to send you anniversary cards. I want to see you build a family. I want to see you grow old together. (Yes, I know I sound like a sappy romantic. Deal with it.)

With that in mind, I'm starting a blog series, After the Wedding. I'll be sharing some advice, interviewing couples, talking to a premarital counselor, and tackling topics such as sex, finances, and divorce. But first, I recently asked couples on Facebook what marriage advice they had and here are some of the answers:

If you're not laughing, something is wrong. You should keep doing stuff that you enjoy doing as friends, because it's the friendship that's going to last the longest and be the base for everything else.” – Erin 

"A good sense of humor can get you through just about any situation and it's the only thing you have left after all of the other stuff is gone.” – Victoria 

I have always told my college students to marry their best friend. That, and absolute stubborn refusal to give up on each other.” – Arlene 

"Never stop communicating through their love. When times are tough and silence feels good, don't lose sight of conversation. No matter how hard it feels to do it. When times are so beautiful and joyous, don't forget to vocalize it. Never take those happy moments for granted. Your love will never get lost in the movement of life if you continually show your love for one another. It is the center grounding stone to your blossoming future together and should continually be nurtured." - Krysten

"I always say it's OK to go to bed angry. Sometimes you need time to process, reflect and revisit it in the morning. I tend to have a lot more perspective in the light of new day." - Vicky

"Seek to understand each other rather than to be understood by the other. Your life together is young - lots left to be discovered and marveled." - Jeff

I'd love to hear from you. Married couples, what advice would you give to engaged couples. Engaged couples - what advice would you like to see in this series?