Day of Coordination - What It Is, What It Isn't, and Why You Need It

AKA: The FAQs of DoC

What is "Day of Coordination"?

Well, here’s the truth about Day of Coordination... It doesn’t exist.

You’ve lost it, Jessica. Of course it exists! I’ve seen it mentioned on a million wedding sites! It's even on your list of Wedding Services!

Oh, the service exists. And, yes, I offer it. But the Wedding Industry has been calling it the wrong thing for years.

Here's a list of just a few of services included with most “Day of Coordination” packages:

  • Vendor contract review and confirmation of details

  • Communication with vendors to confirm arrival and pick-up times

  • Ceremony and reception venue walk through(s)

  • Creation and distribution of a detailed timeline for your vendors and wedding party

  • Creation and distribution of a master checklist of all items that need to be brought to the ceremony and reception

  • Rehearsal supervision

  • Ceremony supervision

  • Delivery and set-up supervision

  • Break-down supervision and transportation of gifts and personal items

Notice how much of that happens before the wedding day? That’s why I prefer to work with my "Day of Coordination" clients at least six weeks out from their wedding day and why "Day of Coordination" is a really misleading name.

OK, I get it. So why should I have a Day of Coordinator?

Because you've spent a year (or more!) planning the perfect wedding, and now you deserve to enjoy your special day instead of wrangling your wedding party, dealing with vendors, and making sure the escort cards and in alphabetical order.

Can't I just have a friend coordinate my wedding?

If you're in need of a budget friendly option and you trust your friend - go for it! And there are plenty of resources out there to help your friend (check out A Practical Wedding, for starters). But if you're able to invest in a professional, you can trust that they'll have the experience and tools to make sure your day runs perfectly and be able to handle any issues that might arise.

My venue has a “coordinator” – isn’t that the same thing?

Venue coordinators are a vital part to any wedding, but they have one sole responsibility – their venue. They have their own staff to supervise, a kitchen to run, and are generally there to make sure they are providing what their venue agreed to in your contract.

A Day of Coordinator, on the other hand, has one sole responsibility - your wedding. They are there to make sure every detail of your wedding, including working with the venue coordinator, is handled. 

Why should I hire you as my Coordinator?

I’ve planned and managed everything from 600-person fundraising galas to 50-person cocktail receptions to month-long festivals and everything in between. I know how to make your wedding  - and all its moving parts - runs like clockwork. And I am ready to go abovve and beyond to make this happen. The tasks and responsibilities that I listed above are just the tip of the iceberg. Groomsman lost his tuxedo shirt? I’ll get the rental company to make a delivery. Florist running a bit behind schedule? I’ll pitch in and help them set up. Lights in the ballroom just a tad too bright for the mood you’re trying to set? I’ll talk to the engineers about changing the level. Plus, I’ll have my handy-dandy emergency kit on hand!

Sounds great! How do we get started?

CONTACT ME today and we’ll schedule a free consulting meeting! I’d love to get to know more about you, your partner, and your wedding and to tell you more about how I can make your special day perfect!

For a limited time only, Jessica Garda Events is offering Day Of Coordination packages for an introductory rate of $750.

You read that right! This includes everything you saw listed above, plus unlimited email access and access to my private online planning portal, and up to 12 hours of coordination on your wedding day. CONTACT ME today for a free consultation!

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