The First 6 Wedding Planning Tasks To Do After Getting Engaged

You’re engaged! YAY!

Congratulations to you and your partner. Now what? Oh sure, you’ve spent hours – days,­ even – on Pinterest looking at beautiful pictures and thinking about your perfect day, but how do you start making it a reality?

If you answered with, “Heck if I know!” then this article is for you! 

1) Celebrate!

I know you must be chomping at the bit to plan your wedding, but take a moment to soak it all in! Spend time with your partner and bask in the glow. Call your friends and family and share the good news. Take a ring pic (or seven) and share it all over the place! Moments like these are too precious to rush through. Yes, you’ll immediately get bombarded with questions about the wedding, but it’s OK to tell them you’re taking time to enjoy the engagement.

2) Establish Your Priorities & Vision

What kind of wedding do you and your partner envision? Do you want am intimate, family-only brunch, or a glamorous ballroom bash with 300+ friends? By establishing your priorities, you’ll be better able to set your budget and hire vendors that will help make your dream come true. To learn more about establishing your priorities, read this article!

3) Set a Budget

Please, don’t worry yourself with national averages or how much so-and-so spent on their wedding or what others think you should be spending. Be completely honest with yourself and your partner about what you are comfortable spending. Let your priorities from the previous step guide your budget breakdown. If your family has offered to pay for the wedding – completely or in part – now is the time to talk to them about how much.

4) Draft Your Guest List

Sit down with your partner and make a list of everyone you want to invite. Check with your family, too, to see if there’s anyone you missed. I recommend that couples make three lists:

  • List A - Family and close friends who you absolutely want there.

  • List B - Friends and extended family with whom you still keep in touch and would love to have in attendance.

  • List C - People you would like to invite, if budget allows.

5) Set a Date

I’m not talking exact date (unless a particular day holds an emotional significance for you) but a month or season. This is helpful because the time of year might affect your choice in venue, the availability of many vendors. The more popular the month (here’s looking at you, October!), the more likely that a particular venues and vendors will be booked further out.

6) Book Your Top Vendors

Start with your venue, which is certain to dictate the aesthetics of your wedding and the budget more than any other decisions. Next on the list should be your photographer and wedding planner, both of which typically book out 12 - 18 months out! Again, look at your priorities. If you really want a particular vendor, move them to the top of the list and book them ASAP.

These six steps will give you a good foundation for planning your wedding. During each of these steps, it’s important to remember to relax, have fun, and don’t lose focus on what this is all about - celebrating your love and commitment to each other!


Now, maybe you’ll get to this point and think, “There’s just so much left to do and so many decisions left to be made. I need some help.” That’s where my Wedding Services come in!

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