I Believe...


On January 1, 2019 Brant (my hubby) and I welcomed our second daughter into the world. I started Jessica Garda Events after having my first daughter. Event planning had always been a passion of mine, and starting my own business seemed like an impossible dream. But I wanted to be an example of a strong, determined woman for my daughter. If I was going to encourage her to be fearless and chase after what she wants in life, was she going to listen me if I never did the same?

I’m still thinking a lot about the example I set for her and now both of my girls. In the turbulent and divided world we live in, it’s so important to stand firm in your beliefs, but to do it with love.

That’s why, for the past couple months, I’ve been looking at my business and what my hopes and dreams are for it. You’re going to see some changes here - maybe even a name change! The biggest change is going to be my efforts to be as authentic and transparent as I can be. After all, how can I ask couples to trust me with one of the most intimate, emotional, and memorable days of their lives when I haven’t share any of myself?

So today I thought I’d share the four core values of Jessica Garda Events.


I believe that your wedding should be an honest reflection of you and your partner’s personalities, styles, and values. I make it my mission to empower “nearlyweds” to stop thinking about what others say they have to do and focus on what they want to do. In return, I will make every effort to ensure my business and brand is an honest representation of my own personality, style, and values


I believe love is beautiful in all its glorious forms and that EVERY couple deserves to celebrate that love. I also believe that – just like your relationship – wedding planning requires BOTH partners to be present and invested. For these reasons, I do not target my services solely to “the bride” as many wedding professionals do. I will also begin connecting with like-minded vendors to provided the best resources for ALL couples.


I believe that hospitality is an endangered art and that at the heart of every memorable celebration is a gracious host. While I empower couples to make the choices they want, I still encourage them to make taking care of their guests a priority. It’s my hope that my clients feel at home when they sit down to talk with me, and I will always see to it that the client comes first in my business decisions and work flow.

A Sense of Joy (I couldn’t think of another “-ity” word…)

I believe that your wedding AND the planning process should be fun! At the end of the wedding day, we’re here to celebrate your love and life together. Don’t let the little details overwhelm you – you’ve got this! And I’ll be with you every step of the way to help lighten the load and even crack a (super cheesy) joke or two along the way. Because if you can’t see the joy in life, you’re not living it right.

It’s my goal for 2019 and beyond that these values will serve as my compass and my “why” - both in my business and my personal life.


Jessica (and Brant, Abigail, and Madeleine)


Do you and your partner want to see these values reflected in YOUR wedding?

Let’s talk!