What You'll Find in Our Wedding Emergency Kit

What's something wedding planners have in common with Boy Scouts? We're always prepared. Part of our job is to anticipate every little "emergency" that might occur on your wedding day and be ready to resolve it with speed and grace - so you don't have to. The biggest tool at our disposal is a well-curated emergency kit. In it you'll find every item imaginable to fight every disaster imaginable. 

Today I'm sharing some of what's in my Emergency Kit. All of my clients have full access to this kit the whole day of their wedding.

What to pack in a wedding emergency kit
  1. First aid kit - Complete with band aids of various sizes, ibuprofen, acetaminophen, tums, eye drops and non-drowsy allergy medication

  2. Hair care items - Including bobby pins (in various colors), hair spray, hair brush, and comb.

  3. Beauty items - Including blotting papers, lip color, clear nail polish, eyelash glue, tweezers, nail clippers and file.

  4. Water and snacks - With everything going by so quickly, it's easy to forget to eat and stay hydrated.

  5. Tape, tape, and more tape - Namely fashion tape, scotch tape, duct tape floral tape and white gaff tape. The floral tape is for boutonniere mishaps. The white gaffers tape matches most decor, and is far less damaging than duct tape.

  6. Tide pen, white makeup sponges, white chalk, and vodka - These are all great tools for removing and covering stains. The chalk works to temporarily cover stains on a wedding dress with more delicate fabric. And the vodka has a number of other uses like preserving flowers, treat poison ivy rashes, and ... oh yeah, calming nerves.

  7. Safety pins and mini sewing kit - Multiple sizes for the safety pins. And thread in black, white, and the wedding colors.

  8. Sharpies, pens and paper - Extra helpful after the ceremony when signing the marriage license. Also, a decorative pen is good to have in case one is needed for the guest book.

  9. Scissors - More than one pair. Because somehow everyone needs scissors and one pair inevitably gets lost.

  10. Tissues and handkerchiefs - For happy tears. It's always nice to have a decorative handkerchief on hand for the ceremony.

  11. Mints, disposable toothbrush, toothpaste, and mouthwash - You don't want to be worried about your breath when you go in for that first kiss!

  12. Bug repellent - For an outdoor wedding on a warm night.

  13. Lint roller - Because cat hair is everywhere - even miles away from home - when you have no cat.

  14. Static guard - Static cling is the arch-nemesis of silk.

  15. Mini steamer - When you're getting in and out of cars, things are bound to wrinkle.

  16. Cigar cutter and corkscrew - Nothing dampens a celebration like not have one of these on hand.

  17. Lighter - Just like scissors, bring multiples.

  18. Phone charger - One that's adaptable so it can be used with any phone.

  19. High heel protectors - So you don't sink into the lawn during your first look or walk down the aisle.

  20. Straws - Drinking with a straw will reduce the chances of a spill and keep your lipstick fresh.

  21. Extra nylons - In various shades.

  22. Tampons, panty liners, and pads - I know. No woman wants to think about having their period on their wedding day. But things happen.

  23. Deodorant - Antiperspirant wipes leave less residue, and more than one person can use them without the "ew" factor setting in.

  24. Fake rings - Again, I know forgetting the rings is the ultimate nightmare, but things happen.

  25. Condoms - Nothing should get in the way of you celebrating your wedding night!

  26. Other items - Flash drive, white out, super glue, batteries, command hooks, baggies, rags, and a handy dandy multitool.

All of this gets organized and packed into a small roller suitcase, with the contents listed on the outside. Plus, I carry around a smaller kit on my person at all times. Just another way that Jessica Garda Events has you covered on your weddiny day!