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Do you offer day-of coordination?

…yes and no. The truth is that “Day-of Coordination” is a complete misnomer. “Day-of” implies that I can come in 24 hours before your wedding. “Coordination” implies I’m simply following a timeline and checking off tasks.

I can’t confidently come on board a day, a week, or even a month prior and flawlessly execute the vision you’ve spent 1 - 2 years lovingly crafting. Event planning takes months of time, effort and skilled expertise. I also want to develop a connection with my couples so they trust me and feel confident that they can let go and enjoy their wedding day.

These are reasons why I offer Wedding & Event Management services for clients who don’t need my full planning and design support. This package is far more robust than any “Day-of” or “Month-of” package and ensures you have peace of mind and the support and resources you need for a flawless wedding day.

We’re planning a very casual, DIY wedding. Do we really need a planner?

I often find that DIY weddings are in even greater need of Wedding Management as there are even fewer hands on deck to execute decor and logistics. With every DIY element you incorporate, ask yourself, “Who’s going to set this up and make sure it looks right? Who’s going to pack it up at the end of the night?” With every vendor you hire, ask yourself, “Who’s going to create a timeline and make sure their running on time? Who are they going to call should an issue arise? Who’s going to hold them accountable to their contracted services?” The answer better NOT be you or your partner! This is where a planner can offer peace of mind.

I come from a theater background and I can tell you that every play - whether it’s a cast of 100 or a one-man show, whether it’s Broadway or a high-school musical - has a Stage Manager to make sure the stage is set, the actors enter on cue, and every cast and crew member works together like a well-oiled machine. That’s the role the planner plays in your wedding - not matter the size.

My venue offers a coordinator. Do I still need a planner?

Venue Coordinators and Wedding Planners are both VERY important positions but serve completely different purposes. Venue Coordinators are there mainly to ensure that the venue delivers on its promised services and that you and your vendors adhere to their policies. They are not responsible for the logistics and planning that go into your wedding months before the day, nor are they there to help you rehearse the ceremony, decorate the space, and troubleshoot and issues that arrive day-of. Your venue manager and wedding planner should be working in tandem to ensure that the event is a success. Check your contract and talk to the venue to find out details of what the Venue Coordinator is participating in.

But you don’t have to take just my word on this! The lovely Victoria of Burgh Brides wrote a fantastic article that goes into more details about the roles a Venue Coordinator and Wedding Planner play in your wedding day.

Do you plan events other that weddings?

Of course! In addition to corporate and non-profits events (which is how I started my event-planning journey) I can also help you plan rehearsal dinners, retirement parties, birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, bachelorette and bachelor parties - pretty much any occasion that calls for a celebration!

Who am I hiring when I contract Love Out Loud Events?

Hi, there! It’s me! Jessica! I take on a limited number of weddings and events each year to ensure that I can personally be your Lead Planner from start to finish. While I work with a number of assistants to help me on the day-of, I will be your point of contact and your trusted planning partner!

Do you travel?

My bags are packed! Where are we heading? Most of my events are in the Southwestern Pennsylvania area, as well as Wheeling, WV and parts of Ohio, but I’ll travel anywhere with an additional travel fee.